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I’ve been the biggest slacker when it comes to posting so I’ll share my most recent assignment!

For one of my major projects we had to design a snowboard but then my professor kind of threw us a curve ball and had us use the snowboard graphics to create a skateboard as well as two t-shirts. Had I known that, I probably would have went with a different design but it is what it is. I’m still not 1000% comfortable when it comes to illustrating in Illustrator, though. But I think it went over pretty well though considering what I had to work with!

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For my digital imaging class we had to create a narrative collage (collage that tells a story) and this is my concept.

The silhouette represents society as a whole and how a lot of people tend to focus on non-important things such as celebrity controversies, body image, luxury items, gossip, social media, etc. and the melting brain represents how focusing on these issues is not helping us learn anything and is essentially making us stupid (not completely true for things like Instagram but the “selfie olympics” aren’t helping). The background shows different issues around the world such as children soldiers, poverty, world hunger, lack of freedom, as well as environmental issues (the oil spill in Virginia that the government seemed to ignore). The static overlaying it represents society “tuning” out these problems.

I really struggled with this and I’m not sure if it was executed well but it’s the best I can do given the time limit!

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I just saw your piece with the feather fraying at the ends into birds inspired by Brand New's Deja Entendu. I literally got chills. I've never seen it before despite its popularity but for the longest time I have wanted a tattoo across my back with the words "I refuse to live gently" and a feather of the exact same style (but in pastel colors). I listened to that song you mentioned on your post. I've been having a hard time lately, and this sounds weird but your post helped me out... thank you<3

I saw this last night but forgot my password so I couldn’t log in but it made my night. Thank you for sending me this message, I’m glad you liked it :) 

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can you put the backseat serenade drawing in your shop? i'd love to buy it from you


I’m not sure how long this has been in here because Tumblr failed to notify me (sorry!) but unfortunately I don’t think I can because the band bought the design from me and I don’t want to get in trouble or anything :(

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I knew I shouldn’t have attempted a background when all of my pens were dead but I did a thing.

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Hey so I'm definitely interested in the Kurt Cobain one you posted. I'd love to buy it from you.

Awesome! More information will definitely be up this week and hopefully the shop will be up before the weekend.

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Hello, I saw your post of selling your art work and saw your Brand New pieces and I was wondering how much you would charge for the second one with the lyrics from The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot because I realllly love that piece. Also, I love your art! It's amazing (:

Thank you so much! I hope you don’t mind that I’m answering publicly but as of now I think the paintings will probably be around $25-ish for a 9x12! 

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Angels // Mayday Parade

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Backseat Serenade // All Time Low

((accidentally deleted this oops))

Now available in shirt form at All Time Low’s web-store! Go buy one (or nine)!

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